September 12, 2016

You Have Something Another Brand Wants

When it comes to collaboration marketing, there’s an exchange of assets that takes place to achieve amazing results. One of the tricks is in recognising what you have to offer and how to frame it in a way that is valuable! Here are our favourites and we’re betting that you’ve got one (or more!) of these to offer.



Your Product

If you have a product, particularly in the food, fashion, beauty or homewares industries, you are sitting on a huge asset! Depending on your target market, you could explore an event collaboration to get your product experienced by a new audience. Or, collaborate with a content creator to get beautiful social media images produced that can be cross promoted. You could even consider a collaboration to produce a limited edition version of your product – this is fabulous for generating buzz around your brand (we love Who Gives a Crap’s artist collaborations)


Your Services

If you’re a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, marketer, publicist, stylist or another creative service provider, why not use these as valuable assets in a collaboration exchange? You could have the ability to create content, which is incredibly valuable, or use your design or illustration skills to collaborate on a product and have your talents showcased on a beautiful product!


Your Social Media Community

Firstly, it must be mentioned that the number of followers you have is NOT important. What is important is how engaged your social media community is, or how many likes and comments are generated for your posts. If you have an engaged community, you have access to valuable exposure that another brand would love to be part of.


Your Email List

Your email list is a highly valuable asset to have in business. Often, brand collaborations get stuck on the social media side of promotion, when email blasts are highly effective in building buzz with the right people. Collaboration strategies such as webinars, competitions or events are amazing for boosting the growth of your email list too!


Untitled design

Space or Venue

If you’re in the business of events, own a venue or have access to space such as an art gallery or workshop room, you’ve got a great reason to collaborate. Whether it be for a photoshoot or event, you can use your venue space to leverage exposure to new potential customers, you’re also in a great position to gain attention on social media through venue check-ins and tags. Win win win!


Publicity Leverage  

You could be a media brand yourself, a copywriter, marketer or publicist, or purely have a few media contacts you can lean on. If this is the case, there’s an opportunity to use media pitching or coverage as part of a collaboration exchange. If you’re doing something cool with another brand, there’s also ample reason to let the world know about it through media!


Your Event Attendees

No matter what event you’re running, you’ll have a group of people within a specific demographic in the one room. This poses as a very attractive opportunity for another brand to gain engaged exposure with your community, in a way that adds value to their experience. It’s not just in the form of goodie bags either, you can leverage on-stage speaking plugs, signage, social media support and email plugs to help offer value to your collaborators.


Boom! There you have it. We know you’re awesome and that you have PLENTY to offer a collaborating brand. Collabosaurus works off drop-down menus to make negotiation incredibly easy: both matched brands will know what each other is seeking, as well as what they’re offering before they connect.


You can get started with a Collabosaurus project HERE (it’s free to view your matches!)


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