The Conscious Space x Brand Partnerships

Events are back and boy are we excited!

After two years in the making The Conscious Space kicked off at the Cutaway at Barangaroo in March, bringing together over 100 incredible brands and inspiring change-makers to collaborate for this awesome two-day event.

Connecting ethical brands with conscious consumers, the Conscious Space created exposure and engagement between likeminded brands towards a collective target market audience. The event featured free Yoga classes, panel discussions, live podcast recordings and practical workshops from basket weaving to conscious cocktail making.

Events are such a great way to gain exposure and through brand alignment and have so many benefits…


How The Conscious Space benefited from brand partnerships...


  • Foot traffic of around 4000 people over the two-day event with a targeted audience towards sustainability
  • Group workshops like cocktail making that seeded products and showed off brands through education
  • Speakers from a variety of brands and backgrounds that featured on a live podcast recording circulated across digital channels
  • Brand signage and pop-up stalls for each brand to showcase their products
  • Social media exposure across all digital channels and EDM, including subscription to email from event ticketing
  • Sponsorships and partnerships with big brands like Bank Australia


Top tips for amazing experiential & event collaborations...


1. Leverage reach opportunities

Partnering with other brands gives you the opportunity to tap into their marketing channels & messaging - win! Get exposure to new customers through partnering with similar brands. Not just at your event / activation / pop up / experience, but around it as well.

2. Don't miss content & engagement opportunities 

Events & experiences are a fabulous way to create new & engaging content. Don't miss the opportunity to document behind the scenes, share & save content from attendees & capture the experience throughout. You'll have engaging social media content that you can use for months afterward!

3. Tap into currencies other than cash

Events & brand experiences (thankfully) don't have to cost the earth. In fact, partnerships are a great way for you to leverage currencies OTHER than cash (i.e your products, time, skillset, marketing channels, community reach etc) to achieve great results on a budget. 90% of the collaborations that happen through the Collabosaurus platform don't involve cash exchange whatsoever! Super budget friendly marketing! 


It's safe to say - we adore what The Conscious Space brought together. The event allowed brands to get in front of a targeted group of people in a really powerful way. Event collaborations are the perfect way to create experiences and connections with brands for potential customers. All we can say is we can’t wait for next year…

Do you want to collaborate with The Conscious Space? Click HERE...