In today's fragmented society, it's important to really get to know thy neighbour. Collaboration and working with others is important to create networks that achieve shared goals and aspirations.

Aligned collaboration and innovation is key for those who want to build prosperous communities with meaning, purpose and vision. We teamed up with General assembly to do series of talks to explore these key building blocks to success from building a strong team within your business, to combining forces to create online and offline communities.




Our panel discussed:

  • -How to define an authentic voice and image within a community and how to carry out content planning, selection, segmentation, and distribution.

  • -Hear insights on the roles and responsibilities of community managers and brand ambassadors with tips on audience sourcing and engagement facilitation

  • -The role of influencer marketplaces, ad agencies, PR firms in this growing industry

  • -Identifying key performance indicators and behaviours of brand collaborations to achieve results

  • -How to forge an authentic relationship between brands.

It was such a treat to talk to Stephy Kim of Moonlit Skincare and Kine & Einy Paulsen of Kinfizz & Twinning Store. Such brilliant women who have successfully built communities whether it be a local business precinct, social enterprise support network or a collective platform where people can have their voice heard