In a nutshell


A brand collaboration is when two complementary businesses team up for a clever marketing campaign. 

Brand collaborations are a seriously powerful growth & marketing strategy. They're up to 25x less expensive than digital advertising, help you tap into a whole new audience of potential customers through clever cross promotion, boost brand awareness & credibility through alignment, build buzz & help grow your network, too. So, how do you figure out which collaboration type suits your brand & your marketing goals? Look no further! 

Typically, collaborations fall into one of the following categories:


 >> PRODUCTS (online/offline)

 >> SOCIAL MEDIA (content / competitions & giveaways)

 >> HYBRIDS (open to opportunities)

Read on for a break down of each type, along with some fabulous examples to help get your creative juices flowing.





Running an event? Collaborate with caterers, venues, stylists, goodie bag inclusion products, photographers & brands to create a memorable experience for your guests. Collaborating is also a great way to save on event budgets because you can leverage the assets you already have to achieve clever collaborations

Want your brand to be seen at someone else’s event? Collaborations are a fantastic way to tap into a highly engaged audience, allowing you to reach potential customers or clients in your target market. Think: event experiences, goodie bag inclusions (done strategically), sampling of your products or services, co-hosting or even styling! These can often be beneficial for content creation as well, not only are you accessing a highly engaged event audience (without the stress of running an event yourself), you've also got an opportunity to gain high resolution photography & supporting promotion on social media or email blast outs.


Grew & Co fine jewellery teamed up with Platter Up Co to create this gorgeous event


Event collaboration examples


Grew & Co x Crown Group x Platter Up Co (pictured above) For a Mother's Day initiative, Crown Group wanted to create an engaging experience for their membership group. Collaborating with Grew & Co, they hosted a beautiful, private shopping experience for members complete with a jewellery making presentation & champagne (of course). They used Collabosaurus to team up with Platter Up Co, a grazing table company in Sydney, who created a stunning spread for guests in exchange for the high resolution photography, exposure to high net worth event attendees, social media & email promotion. Win/win!

Pivot Wealth x Wellness at The Bower (pictured below)- Pivot Wealth, a financial services company, created a campaign on Collabosaurus and found Wellness at The Bower, a stunning health retreat brand. Together, they brainstormed and created a financial wellbeing workshop to address the effect of financial wellness on overall health - a topic not usually covered when we think about wellness.


Pivot Wealth x Wellness at The Bower





Physical products: think Chandon x Seafolly teaming up on a limited edition bottle of sparkling wine, or Gelato Messina x Tim Tam collaborating on a limited edition flavour biscuit, or even Goop x CB2 teaming up on a furniture range capsule collection. These are fantastic examples of physical product collaborations! When done right, to add value to your respective audiences, product collaborations are one of the most buzz-building, effective collaborations that lead directly to sales.

Online products: product collaborations aren't just limited to tangible products! What about ebooks, downloadables, checklists, online courses or podcasts? Collaborate on online resources to double your promotional power & increase the value of the online product itself. 

Product collaboration examples


PE Nation x SoulCycle - We love PE Nation and Soulcycle collaborating on a limited edition range of activewear, designed with the Soulcycle attendee in mind. Think aerodynamic leggings, moisture-wicking fabrics & PE Nation's sleek aesthetic. This collaboration kicks all kinds of goals & is pictured below. For online collaborations? We've seen bloggers team up with illustrators to produce free desktop screensaver downloads, B2B coaches teaming up with marketers on ebooks, even Seth Godin teamed up with Simon Sinek for a podcast masterclass!


PE Nation x Soulcycle



Social Media


Competitions & giveaways: we’ve all seen these on social media - team up with a complementary business to run a competition or giveaway, double your reach & increase the value of the prize! Such a great way to engage your existing audience & get back into their Instagram feed. You can also angle these collaborations to help grow your email list too (if the prize value is awesome!).

Content collaborations: we are obsessed with fabulous content! Why not team up to create it? when two businesses team up on creating video, blog or photographic content, this is a great example of a social media content collab. This can mean a creative (a photographer, copywriter or videographer) teaming up with a brand, or a number of brands teaming up to split the cost of hiring a creative.  


Bopo Women x Collaborate Store x Kyoti Design collaborated for this gorgeous Mother's Day Instagram competition



Social media collaboration examples


Bopo Women x Collaborate Store x Kyoti Design (pictured above) - a great example of a social media competition collab, done well! These brands collaborated for this gorgeous Mother's Day Instagram competition to increase reach, engagement & grow their network!

Grace Elizabeth Images x Party Kit Co (pictured below) - Grace Elizabeth Images created a campaign on Collabosaurus, aiming to increase her social media following. She was matched with Party Kit Co, a brand looking for content creation for their business. Together, they sourced a further few local businesses to team up on a content shoot. The result? Stunning photography for all brands involved, all of which was shared across the involved brands' social media accounts. Together, they were able to tap into an audience thousands stronger than if they'd gone it alone. 
You can read more about their collaboration success here.  


Grace Elizabeth Images x Party Kit Co



Hybrids / Open to Opportunities


Why be restricted to just ONE collaboration type? Some collaborations are hybrids!

If you’re not sure where to start, selecting the 'open to opportunities' option on the Collabosaurus homepage is a great place to start. Some collaborations are wildly successful as products, part of events & across social media (you don't need to stick to JUST one).


Gorman x Handpicked Wines - Gorman teamed up with Handpicked Wines to create the mother of all collaborations - encompassing ALL of the collaboration types listed above! Together, these brands created a pair of limited edition wines, that they served at a fashion show event, & promoted across social media. The leveraged opportunities for content was fabulous to see, with co-branded aprons, signage & social sharing all beautifully planned to celebrate the collaboration. 

Koko Black x Flowers Vasette (pictured below) - This example is from a 'gift with purchase' collaboration where Koko Black & Flowers Vasette teamed up for Mother's Day. How beautiful is the packaging below? 


Koko Black x Flowers Vasette teamed up for a Mother's Day gift with purchase offer