App Launch Party

If you hadn't heard, we launched an app!

To celebrate, we gave the app the launch that it deserved and got to work with some amazing brands on the Collabosaurus platform.

We certainly picked an interesting time to have an app launch party, didn't we? After an unexpected amount of App Store rejections leading up to our celebration, and NSW COVID restrictions coming into play 24 hours prior, it made for quite the lead up! 

With mobile phone usage at a new high throughout the pandemic , it has been a priority  to make Collabosaurus accessible and easy to use, no matter where you are. 

Work hard, party hard (in a COVID safe way of course ha!). And that we did! In true Collabosaurus style, we collaborated to make our event engaging and special. From a pasta bar from Dan’s Pasta, to app cookies from Sprinkle & Bake, to luxe cocktails from SYP - we were thrilled to be able to showcase some of our incredible community as part of the launch.

Brand Collaborators

With so many amazing brands on the platform, it was always a must that we collaborated  for the launch of the app. We created our very own Pitch Portal and posted it across our social media to attract  brand collaborators. We also ‘swiped right’ on some of our matches  And boy, did we find the perfect matches!

Honeysuckle Distillery is the place for wild adventures and exotic tastes. They collaborated with us for the event providing some incredibly tasty alcoholic spritz’s, which disappeared very  quickly! Three delicious flavours created the perfect combo for the event, with the branding and placement on point.


SYP Drinks  absolutely killed it with the most delicious pre-made cocktails for the event. Whether it was a Negroni, Espresso Martini or an Old Fashioned, these were all just as good (if not better) than from behind the bar. They were so good we even saw a few people putting them in their pockets (we know who you are!).



Vitamelon were just what we needed after a few cocktails. These delicious peach and watermelon sparkling waters packed a punch with flavour and kept guests hydrated



Sprinkle and Bake are the cookie queens, and we just knew we had to collab with them for something extra sweet. They created 3 incredible cookie patterns with our new app icon and a few emoji stamps for the launch. Who doesn’t love some edible branding?!

Nutjob Bakery go against the grain and are no strangers to a collab. Creating three beautiful dark chocolate and sea salt cakes that are organic, sustainably grown, gluten free, dairy free and paleo for the event! Almost too beautiful to slice open but well worth it.

Dan's Pasta is the most Instagrammable pasta account that you will come across and it doesn’t stop there. We were lucky enough to collaborate with them for the event to make some incredible gnocchi and ragu. Did somebody say pasta bar?! It was a huge hit and kept everyone nice and full for the event.




Benefits of Event Collaborations


- Get your products in front of new people – by putting your products in front of a new crowd you expose your product to new customers 

- Increase exposure and online engagement – who doesn’t take a photo or video at an event these days? Capitalise on this by putting your product at the end of the camera and get a fresh audience

- Get content – coming up with fresh content can always be tough. Featuring at an event can provide you with free content through the event’s photographer and styling. 

- Budget friendly – collaborating doesn’t have to be expensive! Providing some product can be a cheap way to get maximum exposure

Thank you for all those who made it out to the event. See you at the next party!