After connecting on Collabosaurus, The Founders Team teamed up with NP Creative & Saintly Hard Seltzer to create a thoughtfully compiled goodie bag for members attending an event in celebration of World Entrepreneurs Day. The Founders Team partnered with
NP Creative &, Saintly Hard Seltzer to create a “survival kit” for their hard working business founders. The Founders Team featured their goodie bag across their social media accounts giving the brands great exposure. The event was photographed by Kate from The Latest resulting in amazing content of the get together, generating hype around the day & brands involved.

Why this collaboration was successful

Leanne, founder of The Founders Team, saw a great opportunity to appreciate the Founders family by creating a fun lunch on World Entrepreneurs Day. Business has been tough for the last 2 years & Leanne wanted to host a relaxing & exciting day where members could connect & simply enjoy each other's company. This was a great opportunity to create a goodie bag for the guests & for collaborating brands to meaningfully engage founders in an event setting

 What was in the bag?

Benefits of the collaboration:

  • Opportunity for each brand to be placed in front of new audiences
  • Added value for each brands’ communities
  • Complementary businesses worked together to achieve a common goal
  • It was a relatively low cost collab format


  • Saintly Hard Seltzer & NP Creative were able to reach over 4,000 potential clients & customers through The Founders Team
  • The Founders Team & NP Creative  were able to reach over 3,000 potential clients through Saintly Hard Seltzer
  • Saintly Hard Seltzer & The Founders Team were able to reach were able to reach over 700 potential clients & customers through NP Creative
  • The Founders Team was able to save hundreds of dollars in services provided by NP Creative
  • Great working relationships between brands 
  • Great engagement on the content created of the event

Interested in Collaborating?

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