Limited Edition Product Collaboration

As if a nice bottle of red isn't appealing enough, this artist collaboration between Christie Williams Design & Zema Estate decorated Zema's Limited Release Sparkling Merlot wine with stunning labels that were hard to to take your eyes off! Selling out within three days, this match made on Collabosaurus was a roaring success. 



Why this collaboration was so successful


Artist collaborations are an amazing way to build hype around a new product & the stunning design by Christie Williams certainly achieved this! The collaboration was promoted across Zema Estate's email list, showcasing the wine & the artist to really make the most of the collaboration. 





  • Zema Estate obtained a gorgeous custom design for their limited edition product 
  • Christie Williams was promoted across Zema Estate's email list, promoting her website & Instagram in the featured EDM that was broadcasted to nearly 800 VIP subscribers 
  • Both parties gained stunning content, undertaking a photoshoot to capture the beautiful custom label design 
  • Christie Williams gained a unique project for her design portfolio 
  • The Limited Release Sparkling Merlot sold out within THREE DAYS! Proving that limited edition products & artist collaborations are an amazing way to grab attention & drive sales
  • Due to the limited edition nature of the collaboration, Zema Estate earned a 50% higher return per product





The collaboration was a great success as we were able to create a limited edition product together that totally sold out and I now have the images in my portfolio to showcase my artwork used in a new way. It was a hit for both Zema and myself and we are looking to collaborate again this year.

- Christie Williams
Thanks Collabosaurus for connecting us with the very talented Christie Williams. Her beautiful design helped us present one of our existing products in a new and fresh way. We hope to work with Christie again in the future.

- Zema Estate



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