A long-time dream came true for our founder Jess when she was asked to speak at #vouguecodes in June 2019. It was such an inspiring day jam-packed full of real talk on business growth, so for everyone who couldn't make the day - here are some of our takeaways

Identify and Shine a light on your value

Don't downplay your achievements or your value. Accept compliments with grace & avoid doing the automatic shrinking-yourself-down thing. When you achieve a win - celebrate it! Bask. In. Your. Awesomeness.

Engage People & propel your brand forward through storytelling 

Karen Walker had a good point: if we considered data (likes & comments) as the ONLY metric to drive strategy, Instagram would be an endless feed of kitten pictures & GIFs. We agree. Don't be afraid to experiment, tell brand stories, do things differently as that's the only way you'll cut through the noise.



Don't wait for opportunity, create it.

One of our favorite quotes of all time! Something blatantly obvious among everyone who spoke at Vogue Codes was the hard work invested over a long period of time. Building a company is no easy feat, but sticking with your passion over years of hard work, plus the ability to creatively spark opportunities for yourself in a financial bind is one of the most overlooked keys to success.

If you haven't already, check out our podcast episode on Stop, Collaborate & Listen with a full wrap up of the day!