About Collabosaurus

The world’s most successful brands have tapped into collaboration marketing to reach & engage new audiences - & why not? Brand collaborations are up to 25x less expensive than digital advertising.

Nike, Louis Vuitton, MAC Cosmetics, Glossier, Starbucks, Vogue, The Wing, Bose, Ikea - all of these brands regularly partner up with like-minded businesses for clever cross-promotion. They leverage existing assets, often currencies other than cash, to create cool products, social media or experiential collaborations. 

Collabosaurus is the matchmaker for brands. We connect over 10,000+ businesses for clever marketing partnerships across the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand & the UK. Launched in 2015, Collabosaurus is an end-to-end platform helping businesses source, secure & leverage B2B collaborations of all sizes.

Currently, we specialise in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, beverage & events industries. Curious as to what a collaboration looks like? Check out our case studies.




Is Collabosaurus an agency? Nope! We’re an online platform

Does Collabosaurus do influencer collaborations? Nope! We partner brands with brands! (Think TimTam x Gelato Messina) not brands with influencers. 

Is my business is too small? It’s *probably* not! It’s not all about Instagram followers at all, & you have a lot more to offer than you think.

Why subscription pricing? According to American Express (& us), brands should be collaborating 5.5+ times each year. Rolling subscriptions mean you’re always open to opportunities, streamlining inbound & outbound opportunities, using a structured project management console, accessing your growing partnerships address book & Collabosaurus support all year round!


About Jess Ruhfus

Collabosaurus was founded by Jessica Ruhfus, whose passion for creative brand experiences & marketing moved her from a background in fashion PR & SME education, to launching Collabosaurus. She believes that business collaborations are necessary to build a modern business, gain exposure in new locations & reach audiences in an authentic way. Whether it be for product partnerships, social media or event collaborations, Jess built Collabosaurus as a way to source and create growth opportunities in any industry.

Jess regularly keynotes at events, including Vogue Codes, PauseFest, Microsoft, ADMA, General Assembly & the Apple Store. She also hosts both of the Collabosaurus podcast channels: This is how we do it & Stop, Collaborate & Listen (details below!)

A couple of virtual trophies on her office shelf:

Winner: B&T 30Under30 2019

Winner: Anthill 30Under30 2017

Top 10: Anthill Smart100 company awards

Finalist: StartCon People's Choice 2017

2018 Austrade Landing Pads Cohort San Francisco


Speaking or interview request? Drop in here.

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About the Podcasts

Stop, Collaborate & Listen


We get into the nitty gritty of marketing strategy across partnerships, digital advertising, PR & social media in short, sharp & shiny episodes for freelancers, startups, SMEs, marketers & publicists. Brought to you by Collabosaurus, the matchmaker for brands.

Listen HERE

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This is How We Do It


'This is how we do it' brings a series of conversations with brilliant marketers, delving behind the scenes of creative marketing collaborations & brand partnerships. Together with Microsoft Store, Collabosaurus is exploring how collaboration marketing can build a business & we’re chatting to the pro’s about how they do it.


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