Gaining new customers, followers, views, or whatever it might be that you’re looking for can be easier and more fun than you might have originally thought with these 5 tips...



(1) Guerilla Marketing


This includes anything unique and out-of-the-ordinary to catch people’s eyes and grab attention while being cost effective! Some examples could include sidewalk art or wall murals, projector images on buildings, or something as simple as referral business cards in a complementary shop.


(2) Collaborations & Partnerships


Through clever and strategic collaborations and partnerships you can double your reach and tap into new audiences more organically and creatively. And lucky for you, Collabosaurus is the matchmaker for brands and can help you secure a partnership with a number of complementary brands. You can even view a free ideas and strategy generator here.


(3) Content


Content is crucial for brands. A creative and fun way to reach new audiences through content is by guest posting on blogs with audiences similar to yours. This helps to boost your reach as well as optimizing for SEO and backlinking for your website, which is super effective for when people direct search you.


(4) Existing Customers


It is up to 5x less expensive to retain existing customers than it is to gain new ones, so it’s important to inspire word of mouth—like asking your customer base to leave a Facebook review or even have a referral deal. Other creative ways include sharing branded accessories like bumper stickers, t-shirts, or popsockets!


(5) Micro-Influencer Advertising


Think influencer marketing but on a smaller scale! We all know influencers are a big deal in the marketing world, but it can get a little hectic. Why not reach out to potential customers that have like-minded people following them? You could easily send them a product to surprise and delight them which will then inspire shares and build brand awareness!






As always, Collabosaurus is here to help! Collaborating is an amazing way to reach new audiences through win-win, mutually beneficial partnerships that add value to your brand. Collabosaurus is free to start and takes less than 5 minutes to set up, and we have a short video to guide you through the beginning steps (as well as the link to the podcast down below). So what are you waiting for? Start collaborating!