Seltzer Season - The Best of Saintly Seltzer's Brand Collaborations

Seltzer’s seem to be the drink of the season & Saintly Seltzers have been at the top of the charts in the collaboration world. Undertaking a bunch of collabs to increase brand awareness & spread the word about their new Cocktail Inspired range, Saintly have leveraged an inspiring variety of collaborations, contributing to the brand reaching a massive overall audience of 39.5 million throughout their whole cocktail launch campaign, with 10 million people reached through social media, achieving significant brand recognition.



Saintly Seltzer x Dough Re Mi x Glitterazzi 


This collaboration was created to promote the new range of Cocktail Inspired seltzers from Saintly. Consisting of four delicious new flavours referencing some all time favourite cocktails, Saintly created a home party kit to gift influencers during lockdown, brightening their down-time! 

What was in the kit?

A whole bunch of fun things!

  • Beautiful custom Saintly cookies crafted in collaboration with Dough Re Mi 
  • A set of glitter makeup in collaboration with Glitterazzi in colours that matched the cocktail cans 
  • A game called Fool for a little bit of entertainment while the gift recipients tested the new range!


  • Shared by Glitterazzi & Dough Re Mi to hundreds of social viewers, increasing the social reach for all brands - have a peek at the beautiful content! 
  • Shared by over 25 influencers across socials reaching a HUGE audience of thousands of users within the relevant target market
  • Glitterazzi also created an awesome IGTV video tutorial discussing the collab & products

Not only that, but the colourful nature of the collaboration reinforced Saintly’s fun, light-hearted brand personality in a time when there were no real parties to be had!




Saintly x PRIA


Saintly provided refreshing seltzers to be sent out in a ‘Conference Survival Kit’ to attendees of the recent PRIA conference, along with other goodies including jelly beans & cookies. 


  • Saintly were promoted over PRIA’s channels obtaining visibility to hundreds of potential customers leading up to the conference, & even scored a great mention & review during  the broadcast of the event for a bit of extra publicity!
  • Saintly gained targeted reach to 400 event & publicity professionals
  • Saintly achieved clever alignment by partnering with a trusted industry body
  • PRIA gained the perfect refreshment to complete their survival kit saving budget from Saintly’s supply of 400 seltzers & increasing conference engagement & talkability


Saintly Seltzer x The Founders Team


Saintly sampled their drinks in gift packs for The Founders Team World Entrepreneur’s Day Event as a refreshing beverage for the 40 attendees!


  • Saintly gained professional content from products photographed during the event 
  • Seltzers were shared in stories from participants throughout the whole event increasing social reach & user generated content, massively impacting engagement rate & gaining visibility to 4000 potential customers
  • The Founders Team had valuable goodies to be part of their pack & help build hype around the event, increasing engagement & saving on budget!
  • Saintly products were discovered,  experienced & enjoyed by 40 people




Saintly Seltzer x The Conscious Space


Saintly teamed up to be part of a giveaway during lockdown, to help brighten the lucky winners mood! This was an opportunity to give back a little during lockdown & provide a random act of kindness. 


  • Saintly was promoted across social channels, increasing brand awareness & visibility to over 1000 potential customers

The conscious space created some super cute video content to promote the seltzers, increasing reach & generating fresh content for both brands


Saintly Seltzer x Lens & Muse



  • Lens & Muse gained some beautiful alcoholic beverage images for their portfolio of a trending brand
  • Saintly gained a photoshoot & amazing content, saving thousands on photography cost as well as visibility on social media after the images were shared on Lens & Muse’s Instagram page.
  • Saintly promoted the content across email marketing, allowing Lens & Muse to be seen in front of a wide audience.

And there we have it! Saintly have achieved content collabs, gift packs, media send outs, social giveaways all while nurturing their fun brand personality & reaching a massive audience, increasing engagement & saving a heap on advertising. There’s also more collabs in the pipeline for this trendy seltzer brand - so keep your eyes peeled for more creative collab inspiration in the future! & if your brand would like to be part of Saintly’s next collab - you can pitch to them for free via their Pitch Portal!


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