January 18, 2015

What You Can Do With A Collaboration

Get clear and get inspired. Collaboration types explained with examples!


What it is: Whether it is a business seminar, workshop, fashion show or product launch, events offer incredibly targeted platforms for marketing your brand.

Example: Business Chicks x Nudie Juice x Fiveamorganics

Business Chicks ran a seminar event for business owners and managers across Australia featuring Seth Godin (which was amazing, by the way.) At each event, attendees were treated to a Nudie Juice and yoghurts from five:am Organics, and encouraged to hashtag and share across social media.

Why you would do it: Think about your target audience on this one, how amazing would it be to get a bunch into a room trying, commenting on, sharing and enjoying your product or service! Events are fantastic for incredibly targeted exposure. There are multiple opportunities for collateral i.e banners, flyers, product, signage and social media traction is often a great way to measure results and boost engagement.


ROC Eyewear goodie bags featuring product from Bondi Laces and Atelier Lumira at their blogger event in Sydney. @roceyewear


What it is: An agreement of two brands to refer clients to each other or promote each other. Both brands are not in direct competition, yet share a similar target market.

Example: Local Personal Trainer x Local Nutritionist

A nutritionist with a loyal following of clients recommends a local personal trainer to complement her dietary plans. In turn, the personal trainer recommends the nutritionist if their clients are after dietary support. They’re not in direct competition, but share a local audience with similar desires.

Why you would do it: It’s such a healthy collaboration to have an ongoing referral or cross promotional system as it’s sustainable and complimentary. In addition, a referral ultimately comes from an already-trusted party, which has a higher conversion rate and moves word of mouth marketing. Referral systems are mutually beneficial and can work with online services too! What about a database management system software recommending a social media management tool and vice versa?

Social Media (Competition or Cross Promotion)

What it is: Social media competitions and cross promotions are a great way to drive new followers to your brand, and engage / excite existing fans. In essence, collaborating on social media allow for mutually beneficial exposure with your ideal audience – how many times have you discovered a new account or brand because it was mentioned, recommended or showcased on the social media feed of someone you already follow? Collaborating on social media works a treat for cost effective community building.

Example: Kini Swimwear x Bondi Sands X Elruh Skinny Tea

These brands ran a valentines competition ‘TeaTanTogs’ over Instagram (and promoted it through other social media channels). To qualify an entry, participants needed to follow all three brands on Instagram, repost the image and hashtag #TeaTanTogs.

Why you would do it: Competitions are cost effective and provide the opportunity to excite and engage your audience, as well as generate a new following. A well thought-out competition campaign can also generate amazing word of mouth marketing! Second to this, competitions create the psychology of desire or exclusivity with the brand that’s sought after as a prize. All parties are encouraged to share and promote a competition to get the best marketing leverage.


Image from @bondisands 


Product Creation

What it is: When two brands come together to create a collaborative, joint product!

Example: Havaianas x Where’s Wally?

The flip flop brand Havaianas collaborated with Where’s Wally? to commemorate Where’s Wally?’s 25th birthday. The result; three designs for flip flops with a Where’s Wally? scene printed on the sole of the shoe, available in adult and kids sizes and sold around the world.

Why you would do it: Two loved brands uniting is a great catalyst for publicity buzz and story inspiration. As with all collaborations, it’s extremely beneficial to get creative and think outside the box; social media engagement and press opportunities heighten when a creative collaboration is executed well. Furthermore, a product collaboration can boost sales, particularly if the product is a limited edition and scarcity is created.



Photo source: Havaianas Australia www.havaianasaustralia.com.au

What’s a good collaboration type for your brand? What is going to achieve the best kind of results for you or your campaign?

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