September 15, 2016

Don’t try to marry them on your first date!

Raise your hand if you indulged in a little of Channel Nine’s Married at First Sight. At the end of the show, all three couples agreed to continue dating outside the show, however,  guess which ones split up after filming ended? Yep, ALL of them.  *drum roll please* you should never try and marry someone on your first date, and yes, I’m referring to brand collaborations.

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What do you mean you don’t like my eyebrows?

We built Collabosaurus for so many reasons, and one of the biggest reasons was to keep the brands new on the dating scene from completely embarrassing themselves on the dance floor. Often, when brands are trying to establish an initial connection, they do the equivalent of dry humping the bouncer at a Jazz Club: they lay out their entire life story, dreams and aspirations, with little to no acknowledgement of what’s in it for your future collaborator.

The Don’ts:

  • When making contact, don’t message them a copied + pasted, lengthy introduction email that is centred on you and your business.
  • Don’t contact through social media with a TONNE of information. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time managing my inbox let alone my social channels, voicemail and snail mail.

The Do’s

  • Use Collabosaurus! We make this part SUPER easy. You’ll know what you’re giving, and what you’re getting in a collaboration before you connect
  • Get them to go on a date with you. Keep your email short and snappy, highlight the benefits to them and use statistics if you can. You don’t have to lay all of your cards on the table here, this email is about getting the first date, not securing the partnership.

How to be that “mysterious + aloof” guy or gal at the bar

1. Don’t be THAT person that stands people up: if you’re in communication, it’s important to be transparent and reply to emails at the very least. Every good relationship has awesome communication.

2. Show interest in them. No one likes that person who only talks about themselves. Listening is a great way to leverage the perfect partnership. Knowing what they want to achieve gives you the opportunity to help them achieve it.

3. Damn girl. Don’t be a pushover. You know your brand and you know your value. Don’t be afraid to leverage a collaboration, pop things in writing and get an agreement in place! If you’re using Collabosaurus as your collaboration go-to, we have these agreements and contracts available to subscribers – easy peasy.

Go on, get dressed up and play the field 😉

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