June 21, 2016

Case Study: A Thousand Stories X Cocolux

We love a good social media collaboration! Have a peek inside the A Thousand Stories X Cocolux brilliant collaboration with content and cross promotion – they met right here on Collabosaurus!

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Tell us about your business

A Thousand Stories tells brand stories visually. We are creators, curators and picture takers. We are the masterminds of the flatlay! A Thousand Stories will unearth the depths of your brand, creating bespoke and engaging content for your social media channels.

Describe your collaboration

We collaborated with luxury candle brand Cocolux Australia.  The lovely ladies at Cocolux sent us a range of their luxurious copper and brass candles.  After swooning over the incredible fragrances and gorgeous packing, we got to work.  A Thousand Stories sourced props which carefully told the story of both nature and luxury, the ethos of the Cocolux brand. We shot a variety of images that had various focuses of luxury and simplicity, to speak to the range of the Cocolux customer.

What were the results of your collab?

Take a peek at the images, a picture speaks a thousand words! :)

I saw a jump in my [Instagram] following – and I also had a lot of engagement from other homewares and candle brands.  I have been in touch with some of these brands that  engaged after Cocolux posted and there is potential for us to work together so that is all exciting!

The connection was really valuable for A Thousand Stories as it opened up the homewares avenue for us.  Which is ultimately one of our long term goals.

social media collaboration

Why did you decide to create a project on Collabosaurus?

As I have been building the business, I wanted to spread my net far and wide to collaborate with brands that are in need of content, and to also meet other young business owners.  What I have learnt from using Collabosaurus is there are so many willing and eager young entrepreneurs out there who want to share skills, product and talent, and it feels great to be part of a community with other like minded business owners!

What was your experience with Collabosaurus?

My experience with Collabosaurus was nothing but positive, there are so many options to suit the type of collaboration you are looking for.  I loved the flexibility of the platform and the variety of different businesses using the platform. The best thing to come out of my collaboration I have to say is a series of beautiful images that tell the story of a brand so well – the whole reason why I started A Thousand Stories.

What is your advice to brands looking at getting started on Collabosaurus?

Think about what it is you want to achieve – and start small! I got quite excited when I joined the platform and tried to do to many things at once, I think the best approach is to have a specific collaboration type in mind and focus on that. See what comes back.  The beautiful thing about Collabosaurus is when a project ends, you can instantly create another. Opportunities are endless.

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