The Little Gift Loft x Jackie Tann Podcast

After connecting on Collabosaurus, gift-box company The Little Gift Loft went ahead and collaborated on content creation, in particular a podcast episode. As well as this, The Little Gift Loft gave a discount code for her products to Jackie's podcast audience. This campaign was a great success in engaging and motivating audiences, boosting social media engagement & profile visits. 




Why this collaboration was so successful


Jackie decided to pivot and launch a podcast series, focussing on motivational stories, to remain connected to her audience when the first wave of COVID hit Australia (because she was no longer able to offer remedial massage treatments). As well as being a full time marketing professional, and running her side-hustle, The Little Gift Loft, Ange had experienced her fair share of health 'hurdles' and wanted to share her experience with Jackie's listeners, offer them positive inspiration and a special discount code for any gift purchase.

Ange also wanted to connect with her own audience and share a little more of her story, so this gave her the opportunity to have some engaging content created! She also leveraged this content to create a Self-care article on her blog and introduce herself to her instagram audience.

Both brands really benefited from this collaboration as it gave them an opportunity to really reach their audiences on a new and personal level. Apart from this, both brands saw a large increase in their social media engagement, awareness, profile and website visits and were able to cross-promote, reaching new audiences.




Both The Little Gift Loft and and Jackie Tann's podcast achieved the below from their collaborative podcast episode, social media promotion and discount code:

  • 150% lift in profile visits for The Little Gift Loft
  • 3 x uplift in post comments for The Little Gift Loft
  • Best performing post for interactions and impressions for The Little Gift Loft
  • Both brands were able to relate to their audience on a new level
  • The opportunity to produce content based on the podcast episode
  • 50% more likes than other podcast posts on Jackie's instagram account.
  • The episode generated 15% more listeners than the average episode in the Body's Built Better podcast series by Jackie.
I'm a huge fan (and advocate) of the Collabosaurus platform.

It's a fantastic way to connect with other business owners and develop creative, engaging activities for your customers, develop content or attract new customers.

The portal is GENIUS - it allows you to list exactly what you're looking for and automatically matches you with other complimentary brands. It streamlines the whole process and has saved me a lot of time!

- Ange Foster, The Little Gift Loft