So It Goes X Skin and Bone



Kate Anderson, Founder of So It Goes the Label, hopped on Collabosaurus to find some complementary, cross promotional partnerships to boost her social media reach. The result? She matched with Skin & Bone wetsuits and they collaborated on a photoshoot! They were able to halve the cost of a professional shoot, and double the reach of their promotional campaign because both brands shared the collab across their channels. We caught up with Kate to chat all things business building and the perks of brand collaboration.




6 Minutes with Kate Anderson

Introduce yourself & your business!

My name is Kate and I am the director of clothing label So It Goes (SIG). The Label is bold, relaxed and resolute by nature. SIG takes a more casual approach to day to day dressing, combining the need to be on trend with absolute comfort. Pieces can be layered and mixed to create a high fashion feel with my signature “no fuss” approach and philosophy of “getting the basics right in any wardrobe should be the starting point”.

After 6 years working for Australian Fashion Labels as assistant then head designer for Finders Keepers, I decided to make the step to creating something for myself, and this is how SIG was born.


What was the collaboration you did through Collabosaurus?

SIG and Skin and Bone did a photo shoot collab! I sent a few items up for their campaign shoot they were doing.


What were the results of your collaboration?

We achieved some great on brand imagery and both got exposure on each others instagram and Facebook pages. (estimated reach: 7,500 additional views for each brand)


Why did you decide to create a campaign on Collabosaurus?

I heard about it through a friend and it seemed like a really cool idea and an easy way to connect with like minded businesses.


What was the best thing to come out of your collaboration?

I think getting to connect really organically with other start up business who are all looking for the same outcomes.


Any advice for brands looking to get started with Collabosaurus?

Be open to anything - you never know where it will lead!



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