Short Story x Blanchard Thoms Styling




If there’s anything we love, it’s a great collaboration. That’s exactly what happened when Short Story connected with Blanchard Thoms. The Melbourne-based business creates unique gifts, artwork and stationery and was curious about the prospect of collaboration marketing.

After hearing about Collabosaurus at an event, the Short Story team Immediately knew it was just what their business needed to help them team-up with a brand for a mutually beneficial partnership.





6 Minutes with Urszula Kwapisz


We love the name, tell us about your business and your collaboration

Short Story is a unique online store that creates a variety of gifts ranging from children's toys, stationery and jewellery. We were in need of images that we could use for our website and for our catalogue. We were matched with a number of photographers on Collabosaurus and requested to connect with Sydney-based stylist and photographer, Steph, from Blanchard Thoms.

Stef is a professional photographer who specialises in portraits and family shots. She was looking to gain more experience in product photography to expand her portfolio for her business, have content for her social media and attract new customers.

After we matched on Collabosaurus, we arranged a phone call and instantly clicked as we spoke about the projects we were both working on in our business.

We agreed to do a test photo shoot, sent over our photography brief and the results were exactly what we were after! We then engaged with Steph to shoot a variety of products for our online store which included candles, gifts and jewellery.


What has been the biggest benefit for you from this collaboration?

For us, having incredible photos that we could use for multiple purposes. We were just SO HAPPY with the quality. Stef was a pleasure to work with and now does the photography for all of our campaigns which is great because we have a reliable go-to photographer that understands our style and we can trust to do a great job every single time.



What are some tips you have for brands who are looking to meet their match on Collabosaurus?

Have open and honest communication from the get-go. Ask your collaborator what their expectations are and what their desired outcome of the collaboration is.


What have you found has been the best thing about using Collabosaurus?

Everyone on the platform is ready to collaborate, which saves so much time. You have a variety of matches to choose from and listing a project was so easy to do. Plus, the customer support from the Collabosaurus team was excellent!



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