Seekerloverdreamer x Dessert Parlour




Zoë Weldon collaborated on a social media workshop to enhance her attendees’ experience, create social content & get Kettle Town Teas & The Dessert Parlour in front of a new audience. Zoë wanted to make her social media workshop event an engaging experience for her attendees. She wanted to “surprise and delight” her audience, as well as give them beautiful things to photograph in some Instagram experiments. 







For Seekerloverdreamer

Zoë used Collabosaurus to match with a boutique dessert business called The Dessert Parlour, who made some stunning, Instagram-worthy doughnuts for the workshop.

Collabosaurus also matched Zoë with a local tea brand called Kettle Town who provided beautiful boxes of artisan teas for the workshop.

$400 worth of products


For Dessert Parlour & Kettle Town

Exposure to a new audience trying their product, multiple social media mentions on Instagram to over 7,000 people and organic content created by workshop attendees.

$1500+ worth exposure and the average cost of digital advertising [Facebook Ads, Adwords, Banner Ads & Influencer Advertising]