Pivot Wealth X Wellness At The Bower

Service based company? Not sure how to collaborate? No worries! Read on for a peek inside the collaboration of Pivot Wealth, a financial services company, and Wellness at the Bower, a stunning health retreat brand. Pivot Wealth was looking to collaborate to gain exposure to potential customers in exchange for customised content and exposure to their community.

They created a campaign on Collabosaurus and matched with Wellness at The Bower, who were looking for a unique way to engage with and reward their local clientele.  

After they connected on Collabosaurus and discussed how they could leverage each others assets to reach both brand’s goals, they decided to run a workshop at local restaurant On The Pier. Ben Nash from Pivot Wealth ran the workshop that focused on how to alleviate money stress and overwhelm.

The financial wellbeing workshop, ‘Sort Out Your Money’, was a great way for the Wellness at the Bower clients to address any money issues that were affecting their overall health and wellbeing, and Ben was able to create relationships with those event attendees by sharing his knowledge and expertise.


For Pivot Wealth

Exposure to 12 potential customers at the event resulting in 6 follow up intro sessions, exposure to 700 people through the the Wellness at The Bower email database, and approximately 4,000 engagements on the Wellness at The Bower social media through promotion of the event.


For Wellness at The Bower

Exposure to 1,300 potential customers on Pivot Wealth’s email list and approximately 1,000 engagements on Pivot Wealth’s social media through promotion of the event.

Most importantly, Wellness at The Bower was able to provide their community with a valuable, innovative workshop on a topic that isn’t often covered when it comes to health and wellbeing. This strengthened their relationships with attendees, and reiterated their expertise in the wellness industry.

“The best thing we got out of using Collabosaurus was access to awesome people and great businesses I wouldn’t have otherwise been in contact with. When collaborating, make sure you’re aligned on what success looks like for both partners, then put in the work to make it happen!” - Ben Nash, Pivot Wealth


“Have an open mind and think outside the box. Even if you’re hesitant to hit connect because you’re unsure of how you might work together. Just go for it – with a creative mind the possibilities are endless.”- Amy Booker, Wellness at The Bower