Little Bliss Skincare x Clare Bernadette




Little Bliss Skincare, a new organic skincare brand, was looking for social media traction to boost launch efforts. So, they created a Collabosaurus campaign to team up with complementary brands. The result? A partnership between Clare Bernadette x Little Bliss Skincare that grew their networks, engaged their audiences and helped them grow on social media through an Instagram giveaway.

Images from the Instagram accounts: @_littlebliss & @clare_bernadette





Clare Bernadette was able to increase the value of her Instagram giveaway by including products from Little Bliss Skincare. Because multiple, highly complementary collaborators were involved, the reach of this campaign was far stronger than what they would have been able to achieve solo.

Little Bliss Skincare grew their Instagram following, generate brand awareness and tap into a new audience. They also saw an increase in the number of subscribers on their mailing list following the social media collaboration.


“Collaborating has been so helpful, not just in the fact that it’s grown our following and mailing list, but the relationships that I’ve been able to build while building my business as well. I’ve been able to connect with brands I never knew existed & being matched with them on Collabosaurus is something I’ve really loved."

- Melissa, Founder, Little Bliss Skincare.


Images from Instagram accounts: @_littlebliss & @clare_bernadette


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