The Pitch Portal is here!

Directly pitch & be pitched collaborations now


 Over the last few years, we have helped over 6,500+ businesses collaborate with complementary brands. We’ve always been obsessed with making brand collaborations simple.

Now, after 6 months of building, we are thrilled to release the Pitch Portal, which allows you to directly pitch collaborations to brands like ASOS and Olay with no pitch experience whatsoever (or need to ‘pitch’ at all, really). On the flip side, we save brands a bunch of time by automatically ranking opportunities based on their ability to hit marketing goals. No more admin headache, more of the benefits.




The lightbulb moment


At a Halloween party for The Wing in San Francisco, I was fortunate enough to strike up a conversation with a senior creative director at GAP. She revealed that, as much as they respect the value of collaborations, GAP receive around 150 email pitches for all kinds of collabs, partnerships and sponsorships every single month. It was an admin nightmare of back and forth figuring out which opportunities were actually going to be beneficial, what the pitching brands really wanted, and getting clear on what they were offering.

In Australia? One of the biggest value points of Collabosaurus is - access to thousands of partnership opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t know existed.

In the US? Everyone is already networked to the hilt. Opportunity is everywhere (something I adore about American work culture) but the time it takes to screen, organise, manage and report on collaborations was still nightmarish.

So, I had an idea. Collabosaurus already has a “matchmaking algorithm” that cross checks over 167 data points to determine the value of opportunities against your business goals. We already save about 33 head hours per collaboration with the Collabosaurus platform, but how do we combat the time consuming direct pitches coming to big brands’ email inboxes?


The Pitch Portal


Here's how. The Collabosaurus Pitch Portal...


"Custom branded portals that allow businesses, influencers & sponsors to directly pitch big brands (without any pitch experience).

We are excited to be launching this feature with ASOS, Gritty Pretty, Olay & Hey Tiger - some of our favourite collaborating brands."


Instead of receiving 150 emails each month, brands can receive just 1 email summary each month that ranks opportunities based on their value.

From there? It’s an easy, tinder style “yes/no” situation, where approved pitches get looped into an analytics dashboard and messenger, with all the usual access to contract templates and support from the CollaboTeam. Declined pitches? They’re taken care of automatically by Collabosaurus, offering ‘similar opportunities’ for them to check out.






For agency teams, marketers & larger brands...

>> No more emails back & forth. All of the pitches you receive will be rolled into ONE monthly email summary ranked by the Collabosaurus algorithm.


>> View & sort opportunities at a glance. Easy yes / no buttons for organising all of your collaborations in one place


>> Admin headaches managed by Collabosaurus, automatically. Rejected a pitch? We'll handle it with professionalism - we'll even offer them a few alternative ideas (they'll get looked after, without the admin hassle on your side)


>> Drum up more opportunities. Pop your unique link on your website’s contact page, your social media, your email signature - watch pitches roll in without having to field a bunch of email enquiries!


>> Manage & track all of your collaborations in Collabosaurus. Access all of your connections' details in one centralised address book, access message history & legal templates alongside analytics (depending on your subscription level)


For small businesses & marketers...

>> Pitch big brands, for free! Directly pitch a collaboration to your most loved brands (no pitching finesse necessary)


>> Tap into new audiences. Collaborations are a great way to reach new potential customers through clever cross promotion, buzz & alignment


>> Collaborate with the tiniest of budgets. Collabosaurus is up to 25x less expensive than digital advertising & subscriptions start at $60


>> Grow your network. Not only are brand collaborations a cost-effective marketing strategy, they’re fantastic for growing your network, too 


Get your own custom portal


Want your own portal? This feature is available on all of our subscription plans with varying promotional support. On Agency plans, you can create multiple portals on behalf of clients under the one account, on Business plans we activate a 'featured' portal with $200 in Facebook Advertising credits and Starter allows you to have a DIY portal to self-promote and manage inbound opportunities more effectively.



Get collaborating


Get 'pitching' for free! Head over to the Collabosaurus homepage & scroll down to browse trending opportunities. We're starting with ASOS, Olay, Gritty Pretty & Hey Tiger - with more to be released over the next few months! Exciting times.

As always, thank you SO much for your support, suggestions, feedback & love.