About Kaimera

Kaimera is an independent full-service media agency. Kaimera combines data, creativity, strategy and media to deliver holistic solutions for their clients across all channels.

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Kaimera & Collabosaurus

Kaimera was engaged by Collabosaurus to provide accurate benchmark data for CPM rates across multiple advertising channels. We used this data to calculate an average ‘match value’ within Collabosaurus, so it was easy to get an idea of an opportunity’s value in the digital advertising space.



‘Match Value’ is an approximation of equivalent digital advertising value. ‘Match Value’  is calculated from data provided by Kaimera Media Pty Ltd based on the average cost per 10,000 digital advertising impressions across Banner Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Influencer Advertising And Google AdWords in Australia, for the industry segments of Fashion, beauty, health, b2b, food & beverage, financial services & lifestyle. The data provided by Kaimera Media Pty Ltd dictates the calculation of Match Value and is reliant on Collabosaurus users entering true and correct information about their audience and marketing reach.

Match Value should be used as a guide only, to inform the potential value of a collaboration and is not to be used as an actual saving figure or as a guide for the total sales and/or exposure which will be generated from the collaboration. Any reliance on the Match Value is at your own risk and Collabosaurus are not liable for any incidental or consequential loss and/or damages. 


The digital advertising data provided by Kaimera is known to be true and correct as at 29 May 2017.


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