How Maven PR use Collabosaurus for client wins

Did you know that Collabosaurus is a useful tool for agencies? We sat down with Sophie Muir, the Director of Maven PR, to chat about her experience with Collabosaurus & how she uses the platform to spark creative ideas & generate client results (in a fraction of the time)




One of the biggest frustrations from working in Fashion PR for Collabosaurus' Founder Jess, was managing multiple client partnerships & collaboration opportunities at once. She knew that collaborations were a key value-add & exposure opportunity for clients, but saw endless opportunities get missed. Now? Collabosaurus is a fantastic platform for agencies, marketers & business owners alike, making partnership & collaboration management easy, especially when you're representing multiple clients.

In agency-land, time is quite literally money! So, with Collabosaurus' match-making functionality, agencies like Maven PR are able to make collaboration magic for their clients in just a few clicks. 


Generate media hooks


Partnerships are a fantastic means for driving a media hook that is newsworthy. The N2 Gelato x Cork & Canvas collaboration for example, attracted a lot of attention compared to regular media hustling. The collaboration drove media attention, content opportunities, social media cross promotion & event-day integration for amplified reach.


Spark creative campaign ideas


Not only does the match-making component of Collabosaurus help spark creative ideas for clients, but our agency subscription tiers come with account management support to bounce ideas & strategies with a dedicated Collabosaurus account manager.

"As an agency, we use Collabosaurus to come up with some creative campaign ideas for our clients. Collabosaurus matches you with some amazing brands (that I can put forward to my clients), that I never would have thought of, sparking some really creative ideas."


Connect with the decision makers


Half the time, it's impossible to know what opportunities are out there, let alone find the right person to speak to in order to move a collaboration along quickly. For Sophie, Collabosaurus has opened up a more direct means of contacting decision makers as opposed to LinkedIn.


Save time 


On average, Collabosaurus saves up to 33 head hours per collaboration. That's massive!



It was so wonderful to hear Sophie (& Teddy) sharing their experiences around how Collabosaurus can benefit an agency managing multiple brands! We're all about thinking outside of the box and are proud of the fact that many of our 'matches' spark some really creative ideas.

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