Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

3 x FAB & Current CollaboHub Resources & Creating an Instagram Strategy


We've collated three of our top CollaboHub resources for you, so you don't have to waste your precious time sifting through them all. The CollaboHub is a unique and curated space, where we create resources and content for business owners across the globe (like you) to help you grow, collaborate creatively and make the most out of the advice available! 

These three resources are very recent additions to the CollaboHub and we're thrilled that Lala Social, Lady Brains and Young Folks Digital are all involved.

As well as these resources, we've popped a 'how-to' down the bottom of the article on creating an instagram strategy for your own business! It doesn't have to be difficult or complex, you've got all the tools right at your fingertips! We hope this article really helps and encourages you to be active and forward thinking when it comes to Instagram and creating your own strategy.

Lala Social Club

1) Lala Social Club: My Instagram Strategy Top Tips


Laura from Lala Social Club provides us with a speedy video on '5 Ways to Grow your Business Fast through Instagram'. Laura is a marketing consultant & digital strategist who works with numerous businesses across Australia, helping them to cut through the noise, enable their brand stand out & reap results through digital media that lead to business growth.

This video isn't about how to hustle for a few more followers on Instagram, instead Laura delves into why Instagram is an important part (but remember, it's just a part) of a bigger business strategy that can bring significant and valuable growth to your business. She also reminds us that Instagram is a social platform, it was created and is there for creating community & connecting with people & groups. That's why individuals and communities use the platform. A few of us can forget that occasionally! So jump on and give the video a watch HERE (head to Exclusive Resources in the CollaboHub and flick through the pages until you find the video), we're stoked with this one!


2) Lady Brains x Collabosaurus: How to Nail Your Brand Collab


Want to create a killer brand collab? Anna & Caitlin from Lady Brains give us an amazing checklist & PDF to fill out to nail your brand collab! The No.1 step is to Choose Your Goal; you want to get specific (just like you would with any other marketing strategy)! For example are you after email growth, social media growth or creating a limited edition product? No.2 is to find the RIGHT partner & No.3 is to understand your value! And that's just the start, head HERE to have a peek & get cracking on creating and nailing your brand collab!


Youngfolks Digital

3) Young Folks x Collabosaurus: Developing a Content Strategy that Works


HERE, we team up with Erin from Young Folk Digital to chat about creating multi-channel content marketing strategies that actually help you convert customers over time! Content marketing is SO broad nowadays & being strategic and focussed is really important so we don't run ourselves into the ground. We should be focussing on the message we're trying to convey and/or the value we're trying to add instead of focussing on each individual channel! Definitely one to check out.

Instagram is widely considered to be the most popular social media platform, so it’s no wonder tons of people use it to build a name for their business. You already know the power of Instagram, but you might be struggling with creating an Instagram strategy that works. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!

We’ll give you valuable info on which strategies work and also what should you avoid. You don’t have to be an industry giant to be heard online!  In fact, small businesses can benefit a lot from Instagram. You just need to learn to utilize all available tools (especially Instagram insights). We’ve also prepared other useful resources you should definitely check out. So let’s jump right to it!

Use the Data to Create an Instagram Strategy

Instagram Insights provides data on your follower demographics and your content. You as a business owner could use this information to measure the success of your marketing campaigns and see how your content is performing. 

1) Followers Data

Analytic tools will also help you determine your target audience, so you can make an Instagram marketing strategy aimed towards your ideal customers. Demographic data about your followers include gender, age group, and location. It’s quite simple actually: when you understand who are your followers you’ll be able to provide quality content they respond to.

With Instagram Insights, you’ll also know at what time your audience is active. Finding patterns in hours and days your followers are online will help you plan your posting schedule. This will maximize your reach potential, and also engagement with the followers. You’ll be able to respond to comments and messages faster if you’re online at the same time as your followers.

2) Data for Posts and Stories

You can check out the data for individual posts or compare them to see which one is performing the best/worst. Instagram Insights will measure:

- Engagement - the number of times a particular post was liked and commented on.
- Impressions - the number of times your post has been seen, no matter if it was clicked on or not.
- Reach - the number of unique persons who saw your content.  

3) Profile Visits 

Instagram Insights will also tell you how many times your profile was viewed and did you get followers or website clicks from those views. This type of data will show you whether your profile is appealing enough. Make sure to optimize your profile bio with relevant keywords (so more people could find you) and regularly update your profile pic. Also, try to add something special and unique in your description too!

4) Use the Data to Create an Instagram Strategy

Take what you learned from this data and apply it to your strategy. Tracking engagement rate will help you identify which type of content your target audience likes. The data on stories for example will help you figure out what content is appealing to your followers and what makes them swipe ahead. If you noticed that stories about food are performing better, create more posts like that.

Or take a look at the time of your posts. Do similar posts perform differently depending on when posted? Then change your posting schedule! Every type of data we mentioned can be used in a similar fashion, so don’t feel free to explore different options and track what’s working and what isn’t.

Be sure to also track the metrics of paid promotions. A lot of Instagram strategies include paid content posts, but if you’re not getting more engagement (and customers) from them, they might not be worth the money.

So there we have it, three great resources and unique insights on developing marketing strategies. We'd love you to take a look and utilize them (they're just for our Collabo customers!) You can get access to these incredibly talented people by becoming a Collabohub member!

We really value these professionals giving their opinions and we're certain these resources will help your business grow!

Jess & the Collabo Team