Baxter Blue X Wellness at the Bower



Baxter Blue make our favourite blue-light filter computer glasses. They're fashionable, alleviate digital eye strain, and help defend against the side effects of *too much screen time* (like terrible sleep).  Baxter Blue were looking for ways to position their brand within the health & wellness space, so they created a campaign on Collabosaurus, focused on aligning with this industry. With no fuss at all, they were matched with Wellness at the Bower, a luxury wellness retreat and boutique day spa. The result? A creative content and sales campaign that was win/win for both brands. 







After they connected on Collabosaurus and discussed how they could bring their ideas to life, they settled on a mutually beneficial, creative content and sales campaign.

Results for Baxter Blue

Aligned with a health and wellness brand for clever positioning
Wellness at the Bower stocked Baxter Blue products at her spa at wholesale and takes a percentage cut of sales, meaning Baxter Blue could gain in-person exposure and a new sales channel!

Results for Wellness at the Bower

Featured guest blog post on Baxter Blue's website
Feature across Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram for #wellnesswednesday
A new revenue stream through sales of the glasses


“Collabosaurus has really opened our eyes as to how essential collaborations are to giving your businesses exposure to a new audience & in our case an audience we hadn’t even considered that has now become our biggest market! We love Collabosaurus.” - Aaron, Baxter Blue.

Image from Wellness at the Bower


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