Barre Body x AMPM Skincare

After connecting on Collabosaurus, boutique skincare company AMPM Skincare went ahead and created a joint social media giveaway with well renown health giant, Barre Body. Alongside this, AMPM Skincare also placed their products throughout the multiple Barre Body studios, which resulted in brand awareness and reaching a new and aligned audience for the skincare brand as well as improving the customer experience for Barre Body. This campaign was a great success in engaging audiences, boosting social media engagement & improving the customer experience.


Why this collaboration was so successful


There are a number of reasons that this campaign hit the mark, particularly for two reasons: reach and customer experience. Improving and maintaining high customer experience is crucial for Barre Body (as that's what they're known for), who have multiple studios and a large online presence. So having beautiful products for their customers is a no brainer.

And the reach, alignment and brand awareness for AMPM through a giveaway and product placement with Barre Body (who have a large social following) had a significant and positive impact on the young brand.



Both AMPM Skincare and Barre Body achieved the below from their joint giveaway and product placement (both of which are super effective and EASY ways to get the ball rolling with collaborations):

  • Reach: tapping into a new and aligned audience
  • Brand alignment with a brand with similar ethical and mindful values
  • Brand exposure to 100k+ for both businesses through multiple social channels
  • Community engagement
  • A large number of new followers for both social media accounts, resulting in new potential customers & sales
  • Improved customer experience for Barre Body through the placement and free use of AMPM Skincare.


Collabosaurus has given our brand the opportunity to collaborate with different companies across different sectors. Using collabosaurus has increased our product awareness and has allowed us to tap into new customer markets.

- Sheila, founder of AMPM