5 Clever Ideas for Christmas Marketing


Christmas always manages to sneak up on you, one minute it's February and then all of a sudden you need to rush to woollies to get an advent calendar! Christmas collabs are a fabulous opportunity to make sales and gain exposure, and there’s still time to make something happen, but you need to act quick! That's why we dedicated our latest podcast episode to cover a few ways you can make that dream collab happen in time for Christmas.


Our top 5 clever marketing idea for Christmas collabs? Read on...


 Collaborate on a Social Media challenge

Health and wellness brand? Why not team up with another, complimentary business and run a challenge on social media. This is a fabulous strategy to boost engagement and not let your account get lost in the Xmas algorithm! Whether it be a 5 day email challenge with healthy recipes, a pre-christmas exercise challenge or 12 weeks of advice / tip based content, your audiences will love the valuable opportunity to engage. Running a challenge in collaboration also means you're not going it alone! Double your organic reach straight up and increase the value by collaborating.

While not a collaboration example, Anita from Wordfetti ran a challenge to show up on Instagram stories every day, inviting her community to do the same. She reported on what an impact it had on her business and relationships, tracking Instagram profile visits, DM conversations started and clients made.

Collaborating with a complementary brand for a challenge means you can tap into each others communities and grow your own.


Gifting collaborations

Think of your ideal target market. Are they represented in another company’s employee base or partner base or client base? If so, it might be a good idea to reach out and see if you can make your product / service THE xmas gift for their staff / partners / clients. Depending on the value of your product / service, you can also offer a heavy discount for x amount of purchases because you know the value of getting your product in their hands.

Bonus tip: if the gifts go out prior to Christmas - as is normally the case with offices - then why not organise the collaboration to involve notecards giving the gift receiver a discount if they want to get their xmas pressies sorted for their friends and family.

Smack bang designs did a great one with Mayde Tea a few years ago - you got a Christmas card and a little parcel of Smack Bang x Mayde tea  blend. 




Limited edition packaging

You’ve likely run out of time to do a limited edition product collab now that we're in November, but packaging is still doable! Why is this valuable? It's something new and exciting that drives sales, doubles reach, it’s new and creates buzz.


Bundle up

Team up with a complementary brand for packaged gifts. Great if you look at themes like ‘the traveller’ ‘the cook’ ‘the fashionista’ and team up with a businesses that fits within the theme. Bundling products or services together means you're increasing revenue and sales, AND doubling your organic reach in the meantime.


Put yourself out there

Make a Collabosaurus pitch portal! It takes 5-10 minutes, and you can let the opportunities come to you.


If you want to hear more check out our Podcast Episode below!

Happy Collaborating