4 Simple Steps To Knowing Your Value


So, Collabosaurus has matched you with the perfect brand: but your excitement is cast aside by the thought 'am I too small to collaborate? What can I offer in a fair collaboration exchange?'


STOP. RIGHT. THERE. First things first, you are never too small to collaborate! You often have more to offer in a win/win collaboration than you think. It’s simply a case of knowing and understanding your value. Brand Collaborations are about win-win exchanges of value, so let’s help discover yours.  



1. Know what you want


What is the ultimate marketing goal that you want to achieve from this collaboration? Without a specific marketing or business outcome in mind, ‘collaborating for collaborations’ sake’ is pointless - just like running a Facebook Ad is pointless without a goal in mind!

When done strategically, brand x brand collaborations are one of the most powerful ways you can tap into new audiences & pools of potential customers. They're up to 25 x cheaper than digital advertising (woah), but in order to be successful, you've got to know what to measure that success against.

A few ideas...

  • You want to grow your email list
  • You want to reach a new audience / more of your potential customers
  • You want to grow your community on Instagram
  • You want to attract media attention
  • You want to align with a brand that will help you establish credibility


Get a clear idea of your exact goals for this partnership - this will help you establish an awesome relationship that is mutually beneficial & fair.



2. Identify what is already in front of you.


Think humble, with a touch of Kanye for this one (you will find prompts to help you with these, via page 3 of ‘Listing your brand on Collabosaurus’). 

The truth is, you will likely be sitting on a mountain of value already! From your skill-set, to your time, to your products, services & marketing channels, it's important to identify what you have to offer so that you can leverage a win/win collaboration.

From a channel perspective alone, think about...

  • Email list subscribers
  • Instagram community
  • Facebook community (groups, pages, personal pages)  
  • Linkedin followers
  • Youtube video viewers
  • Podcast listeners
  • App users
  • Website / blog visitors

That's just the start! You could attract fantastic media attention because of a cool collaboration, you could be a gun graphic designer, or photographer, or blog writer - all of these can be leveraged in a collaboration & super valuable assets to your collaborator.

You should be able to determine at least 3 x assets that you could contribute to a cool collaboration exchange.



3. These are your currencies other than cash.


90% of the collaborations that occur through Collabosaurus do not involve monetary exchange. Get to know your currency!

TIP: Quantify your value

It's not just about how many followers you have on Instagram (haha *sigh*), but think about engagement numbers & reach as important statistics. How many potential customers could you get a collaborator in front of? How much do you typically charge for your products or services?

Let's say for example using: your products, foot traffic to your store, and Instagram community. 

You could offer….

  • Products to the value of $300
  • The number of visits to your store each month 
  • An Instagram reach per post of 2500 people.  

Knowing your numbers, will ease communication and guide the fairness of collaboration partnerships (it can help you negotiate to meet your collaborators' goal, and remind you of your own goal, too).


4. Communicate your value.


Building a relationship is the fundamental starting block for all collaborations & partnerships. Don’t try to marry them on the first date! Instead, gently tease out the benefits of collaborating together in your initial interactions, without bombarding them with a big, salesy ‘pitch’ immediately. This gives your potential collaborator a gauge as to what’s in it for them, remember, collaboration marketing should be “win-win” for both parties.


Better yet? Collabosaurus  cuts this step out. When you match with another brand on the platform, each of you know what each other has to offer and is looking for from a collaboration. It’s free to start, and we’ll be there every step of the way. You really are just a few clicks from creating dreamy, effective marketing collabs!


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